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"My Tax Business In A Box allows
you to be in the tax business for YOURSELF - 
but not by YOURSELF!"
Mark A. Wingo, FPWM®, President & CEO


The Nation's #1 Coaching Program for Tax Professionals 

No Experience!

  • Cloud-Based Tax Software

  • Top Notch Bank Products

  • Fast, Easy & Secure Mobile App

  • Tax Training Manuals

  • 24/7 Online "My Box" Training

  • Online Community Forum

  • Tax Business Boot Camps

  • Online "Fast Track" Training

  • Sales & Marketing Coaching

  • Brand & Media Coaching

  • Incentive Program

Low Start-Up Cost!

  • Affordable Payment Options*

  • Start with as-low-as $500 Down* 

  • 0% in-House Financing*

  • 12 Month Payment Option

  • No Revenue Splits  

  • Keep 100% of Prep Fees*

  • Quick Return on Your Investment 

  • Earn up to $120,000 in 120 Days

  • No Long Term Agreement

  • No Yearly Renewal Fee

  • Additional Revenue Opportunities

Lead Generators
  • Work Closely with an Insurance Agency

  • Become a Tax Expert to Home Based Business Owners

  • Become a Tax Expert to Realtors

  • Become a Tax Expert to Uber and/or Lyft Drivers

  • Get access to a list of Overlooked Deductions to 100's of Industries

  • Access to our ChatGPT and AI marketing tools

Are You Ready to Start A Tax Business with #MyTaxBusinessInABox?

Why The Tax Industry?

The tax industry is a $14-billion-dollar business… by partnering with My Tax Business In A Box Coaching Program we will show you how to make up to $120,000+ in just 120 days. You will be a part of the nation’s #1 network of tax professionals. Our coaching program is very affordable with low down payment options -- flexible payment and a quick return on your investment. With our program you keep 100% of your preparation fee (no revenue splits) – This is one major feature that makes our program different from everyone else.

Why the tax biz?
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